Cyber Security
We Bridge the visible and the invisible Cyber Security gaps for the business that aspire to be digital with uncompromising approach to innovation.
At the forefront of safeguarding your digital assets, We prioritize your Cyber Security
Our comprehensive suite of services includes specialized consultation, targeted training, and robust cybersecurity solutions.
Security Auditing
Security Auditing

Essential for the detection and protection of information systems against the sophisticated and persistent threats of the modern digital landscape.

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Who We are

Matayo Company excels in IT security, providing robust software, cloud solutions, and security audits to protect your digital assets comprehensively. Leveraging extensive experience and a dedication to excellence, we deliver customized IT security strategies that strengthen your defenses. Our goal is to advance your business securely in the ever-evolving digital domain.

Our Security Services

 Centralize and Analyze new Opportunities using “RACES” approach

Enterprise Security

Elevate your security posture with tailor-made roadmap for your organizations.

Application Security

Hybrid approach to uncover business logic vulnerabilities.

Network Security

Secure your networks by utilising our versatile penetration testing methodology.

Cloud Security

Securing and accelerating protection of Cloud Services.

DevSecOps Solutions

Continuous scanning and monitoring of code, applications, and infrastructure.

Threat Simulation

Find out your organisation’s resilience against real world cyber attacks.


Our expertise spans across all industries in cybersecurity, Ensuring comprehensive protection for your digital infrastructure.

Web App

Congratulations to Mr. Sudhakar G, CEO of Matayo Solutions, for winning the “Excellence in IT Security Innovation Award” at the Innovative Company Awards 2024. 

Matayo AI Solutions excels in enhancing IT security through innovative solutions, including Web, Network, and API VAPT services, as well as IT Managed Services, Information Security, and Compliance solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection for businesses.

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